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Our assessment approach is systematic.

This is our five-step procedure:
1. Requirements profile.
We develop requirements profiles jointly with the client company. It specifies the necessary professional and leadership competencies as well as the ability of the candidates to work in teams.

2. Assessments.

2.1 Interviews and tests.

Structured interviews cover the individual’s career path, milestones and main achievements.

Cognitive tests
measure the individual’s way of thinking, logic, methodology, verbal and mathematical intelligence, and knowledge.

Personality and social behavior tests
outline the individual’s personality, self-perception, emotionality and self-confidence; they generate statements relevant to social conduct.

Leadership quality tests
provide pointers on management style, motivation, conflict-resolving abilities, leadership potential, etc.

Occupational aptitude tests
point to preferred and rejected activities and deliver an occupational profile.

2.2 Group assessments.
Tests are replaced by simulations. The candidates are immersed in a variety of occupational situations and handle tasks individually and in groups. Experienced Career Group assessors observe, record, and evaluate the behavior of the candidates according to specified criteria.

3. Expertise.
The results of the individual and group assessments are summarized in a written expertise.

4. Feedback meeting with company.
The requirements profile and the candidates personality profile are compared. Measures are defined if the profiles are disparate.

5. Feedback meeting with candidates.
Needless to say, all candidates who participate in an individual or group assessment are entitled to receive detailed feedback.

All results are candidly discussed and questions, if any, answered to clarify the assessment. Openness and transparence are always an asset for the candidates.