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The globalization of markets is in full swing, and so is one of its key ramifications: international competition!

Companies that want to remain profitable and sell their goods to domestic and export markets at prices that safeguard their continuity have no option but to adapt their product and marketing strategies to the rapidly changing international environment.
Extensive productivity enhancement programs as well as national and international alliances, the spin-off of activities that do not belong to core lines of business, and other measures entail radical changes that affect human resources and functional hierarchies.

The consequences are job downsizing and, particularly at the management level, layoffs on short notice.

This is where the Career Group’s outplacement consulting services pick up with the objective of constructively, systematically, and successfully mastering difficult situations of this kind for everyone involved, and especially for those individuals who lost their jobs.

We support you in making the right human resources-related decisions in conjunction with:

- Mergers and acquisitions
- Outsourcing
- Restructuring
- Redimensioning
- Closedowns